• 26 SIE 2012
    Natalio, dużo zdrówka i sukcesów. 3maj się.
  • 23 SIE 2012
    Luis Vásquez Aguilar
    Pto. Natales, August 23th 2012 Dear Natalia: I’m really happy to say hello to you and I introduce myself: My name is Luis Genaro Vásquez Aguilar, I live on a fare away country called Chile, an austral region called Magallanes, in the most beautiful department of my country named Ultima Esperanza (Last Hope) on a little town called Puerto Natales, an area better known as Chilean Patagonia in which are located the Torres del Paine National Park, the Bernardo O’higgins National Park, the Milodon’s Cave among others (you can look on internet) for you to see and enjoy, at least virtually, of these beautiful natural landscapes. But my concern and to have a friendship with you is oriented to the sports. I saw you on TV on the Olympic Games, London 2012 and I’m really impressed of your game, since that moment I admire your technique and the way you play. Because of this, I can tell you that we have something in common. I’m also an adapted Table Tennis player (have to use a left inferior articulated prosthesis on my leg) so I don’t have the same great ability of movement that you have but I have a long point and a slow rubber but with control and effect. Natalia, I would like to add you as a friend since I think we share the same sport and we are both disabled players and we play against normal players (they win against me but with certain effort). A friend of mine is building me a webpage: www.luisvasquezaguilar.es.cl – if you click on the point 11 you will see a link that says “people I admire” and I have a video of you playing table tennis, I hope you can see the webpage. I tried to add you as a friend on Facebook but it was impossible because I think you are full of friends and maybe I have better luck this time. I hope to have an answer. With all my respect, sincerely yours, I’m a big fan of you, disabled and competitive. LUIS GENARO VASQUEZ AGUILAR
  • 21 SIE 2012
    Michal Karwowski RCWawa-Zoliborz
    Trzymamy kciuki za wystep na Paraolimpiadzie!
  • 19 SIE 2012
    Jurek P.
    Wszystkiego najlepszego, samych sukcesów, w tym.... "złota" w Brazylii.
  • 18 SIE 2012
    jak się można z Tobą Natalia umówić:).?
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