• 29 LIP 2012
    Podziwiam także dzisiejszy heroiczny mecz z holenderską chinką. Choć mecz ostatecznie przegrany, to jednakże oczarowany jestem Pani hartem i wiarą w zwycięstwo. Życzę powodzenia w meczach drużynowych
  • 29 LIP 2012
    Sameer Singh
    Hi Natalia, Honestly I hadn't planned to write this, so I'll have to tell you how I got to know you. On a usual Sunday evening, I went to the closest TGIF bar to get my few beers, and it was just about the time when you were tied 2-2 with the girl from NED. So I came back home, read up about you on the web, and here I am writing this to you. I have difficulty finding ways to say what I want to, but I'll manage to say this - you are an inspiration to me, and I am sure to million others, who just keep looking out for reasons to blame their fortune, but still manage to dress up and get out to the neighbourhood pub, drink, smoke and chat up with random people. I've always wanted to ignore that destiny rules our lives, but watching you today is something that happened just by stroke of luck, and makes me want to believe there's a reason why I got to that bar just when your match was on TV - it is God's way of telling me that we can all be successful, if we put in less than half the effort I can imagine you would have put in to reach where you are. I can't think of signing off with the regular "Best regards". I'm a very ego-centric person and have had problems acknowledging things that were given or taught to me by more experienced people. But I have no problems at this moment telling you that I Salute you from my heart and mind and am thankful to God to have given me the opportunity to know who you are. More power to you! Thanks, Sameer
  • 29 LIP 2012
    monika barczuk
    powodzenia poprostu
  • 29 LIP 2012
    Zabraklo szczescia, ale i tak dziekuje za serce do walki i emocje. Nie zdawalem sobie sprawy jaki ping pong moze byc ekscytujacy. Zycze sukcesu w grze druzynowej. Pozdrawiam :)
  • 29 LIP 2012
    Jestem dumny z Twojej postawy! :)
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